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Guru ji Say's

Let all be happy healthy and free from all ailments

Acharya Vijay Ji

Acharya Vijay JiGuruji is the founderof the "SHRI HANUMAN SEWA TRUST".
He is a famous Spiritual Guru and has served humanity and society by organizing Yoga Camps and health awareness programs. He is highly involved in social service and participates till his best in any noble work.


Guruji's Humble Request

I do not ask you to leave your home and work. I do not demand more time from you. All I want is 40 minutes out of the 1440 minutes of your day for making your life bliss. Give me 40 minutes daily, in exchange I promise you a healthy life, a peaceful life, a strong and happy mind and emotions. I promise you ‘sukha’ and ‘anand’; happiness and blissful life. You will be relieved from all your ailments of physical, mental and emotional level. Come walk with me towards the path of god, where the supernatural power (sarvashaktiman) will guide us. Have faith. I wish your body becomes the temple of God and your life becomes a prayer in itself.

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