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The main motto of the proposed organization name “SHRI HANUMAN DHAM” is to promote cultural Activist for welfare of society and humanity. As our Indian Culture inspires us to serve all humans regardless their religion, casts or financial status. Hanuman dham is determined to promote this noble cause by acquiring different ways to do the same as explained below:-


1. The First & unique Hanuman Dham in World.

2. Viklang Sewa project.

3. Vanprastha Ashram.

4. A centre for Complete wellness of Body, Mind & Soul Through yoga & meditation.

5. Named on Symbol of unconditional service.

6. Indian Culture and spiritualism.

7. To encourage people to serve Society.

8. To promote Spiritual and health tourism.

9. To Organize Yoga camps for complete health.

10. Institutes for disabled.

11. To help and save Girl Child.

12. To Promote Education for Girl Child.

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