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Viklang Sewa

Differently-abled, not Disabled

Nothing is impossible. The word impossible itself says ‘I am possible’. James Abbott, professional baseball player, born with only one hand; Isaac Newton, exceptionally gifted scientist but a slow learner; President Franklin D Roosevelt had Polio; closer home a silent rebellion took place in India. Out of the 875 candidates who cleared the Union Public Service Commission (U.P.S.C.) exams, as many as 30 belong to the challenged community. Of them, fourteen are orthopedically challenged, five are visually impaired and eleven are hearing impaired. These candidates will be allotted to some prominent Civil Services ranks in the time ahead. So be a Sports Player, a Scientist, a Civil servant or even the President, the opportunities are endless for the differently-abled. 

“Disabled people, in my view, are usually not just equally but in fact mostly more able than the rest of us. It is a learning experience to see their indomitable spirit and the winning streak in them” – Acharya Ji 

Disabled people comprise the largest minority in the world — a minority in which any of us can become a member, a thing that should never be forgotten. The hard reality is that about 70 million people in India have some kind of disability. Going by U.N. figures there should be about 100 million people with disabilities in this country. Keeping this in mind, Hanuman Dham aims at providing inclusive participation to people with any kind of disability. The concept of Inclusive Education will just be the beginning of a long journey ahead. Along with academics, people will be encouraged to be culturally active and self dependent in all ways. Differently-abled will be mastered to be completely self reliant and efforts will be made to make them confident enough to face the outside world. The focus will also be to find out hidden talents in them and groom them to excel in their chosen form.

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