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About Hanumandham

Life amid nature is blissfully peaceful and tranquil providing the perfect atmosphere to meditate, explore and introspect. Hanuman Dham, located amidst the serene surrounding of majestic Himalayan valley, is one such destination. The easily accessible location and breathtaking scenic beauty of the place is equally matched by the magnificent architecture of the Dham. The arched gateway to the temple has been aesthetically designed and the depiction of two fishes on the gateway symbolizes fortune and prosperity. Shikhars have been constructed in a hierarchical manner on ornate columns so as to give it a majestic chhatri type appearance. The sprawling Dham is surrounded by lush green lawns, water bodies and fountains. It houses meditation halls, sitting areas, centre for disabled, and a majestic temple of Shri Hanuman.
Shri Hanuman has been a metaphor for veneration and unconditional devotion. Keeping this in mind, the ashram has been named after Shri Hanuman ji. Sewa and samarpan are the two pillars on which Shri Hanuman Dham will be based. The philosophy behind the whole concept of the Dham will be to help others and build a commune of people who believe in unconditional devotion towards others.

The Dham will be a metaphor for Sewa. Where senior citizens will guide the youngsters, the disabled will carve their own niche path and where holistic living will be propagated at each stage of life. A centre for Sewa, Bhakti and peaceful living with complete wellness, the Dham will also be a cultural centre to promote Indian culture specifically the culture of love and care that is ingrained in dev bhoomi Uttarakhand.

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